A Note of Thanks to Start the Year


There is no specific time for Thanksgiving, if you go by my philosophy. One should always be thankful for what one has received. For me, what I received yesterday was something very special and memorable – my first brevet medal. People who follow my cycling life used to ask aren’t I already a Super Randonneur. Well, I am a Randonneur  now, and would keep working more on my endurance.


Two years ago, I attempted my longest ride as a novice and I was stuck in the heavy downpour, unable to finish my ride. It hurt my morale, and I wanted to keep trying. It took me time to muster the courage and go all out for the second time. I am happy that I finished much earlier than I expected I will, despite the tiresome ride. And then there the long wait for this medal. There is this tremendous sense of fulfillment and an equal amount of awe that one has when you hold the medal in your hand. I can’t wait to try the bigger and tougher events. I shall start little by little, hoping that I could be a successful Super Randonneur by the end of this cycling year.

No words of thanks are enough, when I write down these words. The tremendous support I receive from my family help me keep pedaling, come rain or shine. The learnings I made, while riding with experienced endurance cyclists Deepender and Anupam has always been with me, and gave me the courage to continue my efforts on endurance cycling. I would also like to thank my colleagues at AABSyS IT who keeps encouraging me, despite being far away. I’m lucky that our CEO himself is an avid rider, and he shares tips from his experiences on the road which I could quite relate to. Special thanks to my cyclist friends and fellow bloggers Jim and PedalWorks, and all of you here at WordPress, who keep commenting and asking questions.

Thank you all, you keep me going!


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  1. hungrydai says:

    Manu, I used to be an avid cyclist and a member of the Cyclist’s Touring Club of The UK, when I was young. Now all my adventures are on TV, The Travel Channel etc.

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    1. Manu Stanley says:

      Thank you for the comment, dear Dai. I shall try and find out more about your travels. 🙂

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  2. bgddyjim says:

    Congratulations on that slick medal, brother. You deserve it! Keep it up, man.

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    1. Manu Stanley says:

      Thanks a lot brother. Keep inspiring me!

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  3. A beautiful gesture.

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    1. Manu Stanley says:

      Thank you very much!


      1. You are welcome Manu. Have a good weekend.

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