Not Just Another ‘How-To’ Book



With the new developments on my legs (getting slightly beyond the ‘shut up legs’ phase), I’m putting more efforts on words, and less on the saddle. This book that I came across not just added to my curiosity, it also helped heal some old wounds.

Almost everyone gets excited a few seconds after posting their relationship status on Facebook. Or perhaps the post itself is the result of the excitement. From there on the journey might be smooth for some, while others might not be that lucky. Those unlucky people might benefit a good deal from author Kristina Gallo’s book “Get Over Your Ex.”

“You might recognize yourself, or maybe I get you angry, or I could give you hope” are the words of the author herself. Spread across 20 chapters, this book shares examples of different types people reacting to different situations in various ways, some resulting in solving problems while others ending up in utter chaos. Suggestions (or advice, if you may) placed in this book are deeply rooted in everyday lives of people and works fine for many of us. Gallo is a trained psychologist who uses her professional skills well in order to make life simpler and easier for people to understand their partners in a better way.

The only turn down I came across, is the editing errors and imperfections in the English language. However, those imperfections rather add to the beauty of the narration, and sometimes gives the book a really authentic feel – especially so if you are part of the urban, English-using (yet not properly speaking) people across Asia, Europe, India and around the world. Worth a try!

Being someone who has been on both sides of the table, I feel my review is just and impartial. If you are among the ones who are going through the unlucky phase, I’d suggest you give it a try and share your thoughts on Goodreads.


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