Handing Over the Little Ride

Yes you heard it right: A new Little Ride has joined the stable. Something that seemed very unlikely until 2017 just happened a few days back. In 2013 while I was making up my mind to get the Urban Trail Dude 2.1, I was thinking seriously: “I would need this ride for the next 5-6 years. I’ll keep customising and improving it till the time it keeps running fine”. It was my first bike with disc brakes. Dude 2.1 has disc brakes on both front and rear wheels.

Suggested by friend and cyclist Vicky of Pedal Works, Gurgaon (I shall introduce him in a separate entry), Dude 2.1 fulfilled more than my immediate needs. I grew up as a serious cyclist on my Dude. I don’t know if I should write a product review for Urban Trail bikes. But I should dedicate this entry to Dude 2.1


Technical specifications

  • Aluminium Alloy body
  • Shimano Acera gear system – 21 speed
  • Suntour front suspension with ride-lock
  • Kenda tyres: 26 inches wheel size

As I got serious with my cycling and the ride distance increased, there was a corresponding increase in the ride durations as well. Sitting forward-bent for long durations has started hurting my shoulders. I was thinking about finding a way to change the handlebar in order to improve my riding position. And probably that had triggered this idea to Smitha, and lo, I got my birthday gift.

The new Little Ride is a Haibike Big Curve 9.30. That’s all I’ll say now. More about it on later posts. I handed over the Dude 2.1 to my son, who is more than excited to have an upgrade. Yet it shall remain special to me always.

How often do you change bikes (or any ride you use)? What triggers those decisions? Please share your thoughts.


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