Clocking 60 on just water…And that morning coffee

Yes, it wasn’t intentional, but the set of events turned out that way. I think I should submit this entry to cycling tourist and blogger Devi Lockwood, whose blog I follow. Despite packing snacks and the wallet, I missed out taking the bag itself. Interestingly, I didn’t realise it till I crossed the Golf Course metro station about 5km on the way. Turning back was not an option.

I understood the shape of things to come. I can’t survive on 650ml water alone. It was almost 7:00 morning, temperature touching 25 degrees Celsius with mild winds. My objective was to tick off 45km in a practicable manner without going through undesirable situations. Think think think. Well, cycling is a great effort that can clear the head off clouding thoughts.

So this is reality: 45, or maybe 48km of mixed tarmac, rubble, sand and grass. The later it gets in the day, the hotter the day would become. But rushing towards the goal will do more harm than benefit. I know that already.

Well then let me make my strategy:

(1) Maintain consistent speed. It would take less effort to pedal a longer stretch of road this way. Also it will help reduce my sweating. After all that is precious water content that I’m losing through sweat, especially when reinforcements are limited.

(2) Take lesser number of breaks
While it is advisable to take frequent breaks and recharge your body and batteries before you continue, such advises are applicable on ideal situations. Unfortunately mine is not an ideal situation, so I’ve to override that advise. I’ll have to manage with lesser breaks and very limited amount of water, and get back home before the day gets hotter.

(3) Find a way to reduce sweat
I would open the top two buttons of my T-shirt to let the air in. That dries up the sweat and cools down the body.

(4) Refresh myself without actually drinking water
It is interesting to mention here that all these mental listing and strategics happened while I was slowly pedalling, trying to assess the impact of a bad decision, reassuring myself that things will turn out to be fine, and  secretly hoping that all would end up well.

On the way towards Greater Noida, I found several cyclists of different skin tones and ethnicities whatsoever and waved at every single one of them. The Indian guys waved back saying ‘Hey’, others smiled, even the Korean lady (I presume she’s Korean; there’s a huge Samsung office on the way) smiled back. Well, so many cheers are better than mouthfuls of Gartorade or Redbull. I flew off till I found the huge green display “Welcome to Greater Noida”.
So there it is. I looked no further. Just entered the ‘wonderland’, circled the first roundabout and headed home. All strategic measures mentioned above applied successfully.

Have you true long distance ride with limited resources? Please share your experience.


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