The Disabled Who Is More Than Able

“Yes sir. I said exactly that.”

“I was a school teacher in Bihar. I had a normal life like everyone else. In 2002, the train I was travelling was attacked by terrorists and I lost one of my legs in the explosion. The wheelchair I’m travelling now is a gift from the current MLA. I have nothing to hide. So I said exactly that–See boss, I’m a poor guy trying to make an honest living. Let me be.”

I looked in the eyes of the former teacher. It was there in his eyes – that particular look which says ‘What I’m saying is true. At least part of it is so’. It was a random Saturday morning and I was out cycling alone. I met him while sipping tea at the roadside stall run by Surinder.

“So I was searching for a place where I can set up a stall like he does (gestures towards Surinder) instead of saving roadside stall people from policemen and then accepting their favours. I was just about to leave, and that is when he asked me to wait a little while so that I can meet you in person.

The Disabled Mind

Wow. That’s quite an honour and I’m thankful for your waiting to meet me.

So this guy here asked me if I would mind waiting a little more, and he’ll show me the fastest bike in this route.

Really? What makes Surinder think I ride fast? I’m clueless. I never wanted to be fastest, but I’d love to be a long distance rider. So I thanked him and offered a cup of tea. After the usual petting with Sheru and Laali, I was about to move.

That’s when Surinder told me: Don’t you believe anything he says. Do you think he was a teacher? Does he behave like one?

I also think he wouldn’t have been a teacher.

He has tried his best to control his tongue, yet every third sentence he utters begins with an abusive word. It’s very unlikely that such a person would be a teacher. I imagine what his students would feel in class.

Surprisingly he offered Surinder if he would partner with him to offer illegal liquor or entry-level drugs. Even if the police finds out or interferes, he’ll use his Disabled trump card to get around the situation.

“Don’t you know that sir? Most of the illegal liquor and entry level drugs are supplied by these so called disabled people, because the police personnel have mercy on them”

I don’t know what to say. I left him on that note. Is there a similar situation in your city? Please share your thoughts.


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  1. sonniq says:

    Manu, this is you?? Nothing you wrote ever indicated this. I’ve seen you at my blog but without comments I can’t reply. I knew for awhile you weren’t writing much and I guess I was not at the reader at the right time to see your posts and they go by so fast. I try to go to at least a few people every day that are following me and realized it had been awhile since we’d “talked”. Since I see I have missed a lot I’ll be back to do some catching up. Although it’s nice to see the “likes” it is the exchanges of communication that makes them real people. See ya soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. manuchettan says:

      Hi Sonni – yes this is me, the very same old me. I am sorry I’ve been busy with work and couldn’t comment on several blogs despite my best efforts.
      Time passes by and more and more entries coming up, that I lost track. I thought it is betterto keep reading first. So there I am.
      I haven’t been posting my entries as well. I am trying to regularize my writing. More entries will follow soon.
      Yes we need to catch up – it’s been a long long time.
      Have a lovely week.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sonniq says:

        It was good to hear a little bit more about your life. To me that is one of the benefits of blogging and being able to know about people all over the world.


      2. manuchettan says:

        Oh my dear Sonni, this is not about me. I am talking about the disabled person. It’s just that I mentioned it as direct speech.
        Well, informally I’d been a tutor and a sales coach, but couldn’t be a teacher in a school though I’d like it. Well, what I shared is my experience from the weekly cycling trips… more coming up. Yes, we get to know each other through blogs. 🙂


    2. Manu Stanley says:

      Hi Sonni, it is only now that I got the essence of your question. No it is not me, this post was about a differently-abled person who was waiting to meet me at one of my favorite break points. I was writing about him through his words. Sorry for the confusion.


  2. B. says:

    I am impressed… this is a punching story…

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    1. Manu Stanley says:

      Thank you very much. The road is full of interesting people.

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  3. nehavermaa says:

    Sir….The next time you visit Bihar….. please come to my village…it’s near bhagalpur…munger district…though I don’t know Bihar since I never got the chance to spend more than a month ….but I do have a home ….out there…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Manu Stanley says:

      Hi Neha, Thank you very much. I haven’t been to Bihar, though I have from friends living in Patna. I had studied in Gorakhpur, Eastern UP… that is the farthest I had traveled towards the East. But would sure tell you in advance if at all I get a chance to travel to Bihar. 🙂


      1. nehavermaa says:

        Hi sir…sure…👍👍

        Liked by 1 person

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