India v. Bharat


It has been in the media comments for a while now and shall remain a well-accepted fast that two faces of India exist: The seemingly modern face that shouts everywhere that I’m the true face of tomorrow (we shall refer hereafter as ‘India’, and the other face that exists in stark contrast and is more popular in the West – the underdeveloped, crude face (we shall hereafter refer to as ‘Bharat’ the native Hindi name).  This nomenclature appears funny especially when you visit the constitutional chapters that repeatedly mentions “India, which is Bharat.”

The peak of diversity that is India
The peak of diversity that is India

Coexistence of both in the same realm of space and time is an interesting phenomenon and the moments in space and time where their paths cross have caused a mix of emotions, including shock or shame. Several aspects of the nation is deeply rooted in these two faces and they are the essence of our identity. I shall try and document some interesting incidents.

I’m not a social scientist, rather a frail free spirit with the curiosity of the little boy picking up pebbles in the seashore – like Newton commented. Rather, my focus shall be on the cultural differences in the way I carry out the US v. THEM segment. Hope this will be of interest to you dear reader.

I got the inspiration to write about some of these incidents very recently from my weekend cycling trips to the borders of the city where villages are located. I have even mentioned one such incident in a previous entry. While thinking on a different angle, has helped me feel (I couldn’t say understand) in some minuscule level some of the horrifying news we hear nowadays about theft, rape and murder. I am not here to justify acts of crime. Far from it, I am trying to find out in layman’s terms if there could be a solution where common everyday people can take the lead.

Situations and stories that I narrate here might be encountered in most global cities in their own way, and may hence appear redundant. But I would like you to hang on and help with your views and comments.


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  1. sonniq says:

    I wanted to say Hi – I see more current post – but I will be back and leave a more thorough response.


    1. manuchettan says:

      Sure. That was a prelude. I am preparing something over this long weekend.


      1. sonniq says:

        Then I will definitely be back to read!

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